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The Best CBD Ecommerce Platform

Updated: Feb 7

CBD merchants are not typical merchants as they are considered high risk merchants. More time should be allocated to researching the best ecommerce platform for selling CBD related products. We pretty much can all agree the top ecommerce platforms are Big Commerce, Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Volusion. I’m sure there may be a few others, but these are probably the most recognized names in the industry.

Although all these companies support selling CBD products, each have nuances on how credit cards are transacted and this could cost you a bunch of money. Let’s take Shopify for example. Shopify has a list of prohibited business that they will not support for payment processing (see, CBD merchant account Shopify is another prohibited business. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell CBD oil, CBD Skincare, CBD Topicals, CBD Pet care products, Hemp Oil, Hemp Skincare, or the like. It just means that you will not be able to use Shopify’s integrated payments. You’ll need to use a 3rd party payment processor that accepts high risk businesses such as CBD merchant accounts. As a credit card processing CBD merchant, you will have to cough up an additional .5% to 2% in Shopify fees for using an alternative payment provider (see ). This is on top of all the other fees you’ll be paying to Shopify and the payments provider. 2% is a lot of money. Especially as you grow. Knowing this up front is crucial and will help you to select the right CBD payment processor.

On the other hand, opening a CBD merchant account on Big Commerce platform may be a better investment. Big Commerce is a fantastic platform and they do not ding you an extra .5% - 2% for using another high risk cbd credit card payment provider. Big commerce is actually cheaper and doesn’t charge a per transaction fee (see Once again, knowing all this will enable you to make the best decision for your CBD online store.

Woo commerce another great platform works a little bit differently. It is a highly customizable WordPress platform and you pay for the additional plugins that you need. Generally, you can get away with paying $350 up front for a highly customized site. After that you just pay around $5 per month. For $79 you can purchase the gateway to accept payments. You cannot use Stripe or PayPal as they do not accept CBD or Hemp Oil Merchants (this of course could change).

Creating a Volusion online CBD store is similar to Big Commerce. Pricing and services are pretty similar as well ( You can easily integrate with with the high risk payment provider of your choice.

I highly encourage you to do your own homework and learn the nuances to each. See which one will help you to grow and not hinder your online CBD credit card processing.

Hopefully this help you to make an informed decision. Our partner Easy ePayment provides hemp oil merchant credit card processing, cbd merchant credit card processing, cbd topical credit card processing.