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Nutraceuticals - The last piece of the puzzle, should be the first!

Generally speaking most entrepreneurs entering into a new online venture fail to recognize the importance of finding the right payment solution for the products they’ll be selling. Especially in the “Ceutical” type of businesses such as Nutraceutical, Bio Nutraceutical, Dermaceutical, Skinceutical, Dietary Supplements, and so forth. Finding credit card processing solutions can be easy for your normal low risk type of businesses but not so much for the aforementioned online stores.

The common mistake is made when all attention and time go into, website design, branding, finding the best online platform, finding the right mix of products, finding right manufacturer or lab, etc. Once all these things have been determined and created, does one think about – “Oh, how are we going to accept payments?” Depending on the type of products you will be selling for your new online venture, finding a payment solution can be difficult. Your products may be deemed high risk in which finding the right Nutraceutical card processing solution

will be more difficult.

Finding the right credit card processor to fit your online ecommerce Nutraceutical store, should be one of the first things you do and not the last. This will actually help you to determine which products to sell which in turn will help with your plan of attack.

Not all merchant services companies are the same. Some merchant services companies can transact high risk. Also, most companies will charge you a higher rate for the products you’re selling. If you’re selling online you are already deemed a higher risk business because the likely hood for fraud is increased because the credit card being used is not present. Add that to the “higher risk” products you may be selling.

If you are searching for Nutraceutical credit card processing, Bio Nutraceutical credit card processing, Dermaceutical credit card processing, Skinceutical credit card processing, we can process merchants high risk merchants 9 out of 10 times. The three main factors are:

  • What type of products you are selling

  • Do your products make outlandish claims

  • Are you doing business online or at a retail location

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