Payless 2 Process

The new way to process

Payless 2 Process is a cash discount pricing program designed to save you thousands of dollars in credit card fees. 


Before we talk about how this program works, lets first chat about what it is. Cash Discount Credit Card Processing is the ability through our technology to add a convenience fee to the consumer versus  you - the merchant.  Instead of you paying and absorbing the fee for accepting high cost reward credit cards, the fee is passed through to your customer. Signage must be present at the point of sale outlining the verbiage. If selling online you will need to offer E-Check or ACH as an alternative way to pay.

Some people mistaken surcharging versus cash discounting. THEY ARE NOT ONE IN THE SAME. We cannot stress this enough. Payless 2 Process cash discount program is completely compliant in all 50 states. On the other hand, surcharging isn't. Why? Cash Discount is compliant because you the merchant has to give your consumer the choice to pay with cash , cash equivalents , or credit cards. Surcharging doesn't have to give these options. This is why not all 50 states have adopted surcharging. Plus cash discounting can be applied to all card types including debit cards. Surcharging can only be applied to Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Let's break it down for you,


Cash Discounting

  • Convenience fee charged to customer for using credit card and / or debit cards

  • Compliant in all 50 states

  • Merchant must offer cash or cash equivalent payment options

    • Cash, Checks, ACH, E-Check, Wire


  • Convenience fee charged to the consumer for using credit cards

  • Convenience fee cannot be applied to debit cards

  • Not Compliant is all 50 states

  • Cash or Cash equivalents do not have to be offered

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How it works

  • You pay a small monthly fee of $29.99 to accept UNLIMITED credit card and ACH transactions.

  • Your customer pays a small convenience fee to absorb your credit card fees for paying with credit card.

  • Waaa - laaa , That's it! That easy!